Confirm - Payment Commit - Failing

Product Feature: Payment Processing



Payment Commit - Failing

We are attempting to commit a payment batch but it fails with the following error: 

Item # Cost Codes must be the same at Order / Job level. 



The Job system setting is triggering the cost code checking. So Item 999 must have a different Cost Code to the other Items on the Order Jobs.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017
There is a setting called "Allow Multiple Cost Codes On" Job System Setting. The Help states the following: 
"Allow Multiple Cost Codes On: 
Select from: 

'Jobs and Orders' - to allow Cost Codes to be mixed within Jobs (on individual SORs), and within Orders (on individual Jobs). 

'Orders Only' - Jobs must have all the SORs charged to the same Cost Code, but Orders may contain Jobs charged to different Cost Codes. 

'None' - Orders must contain only Jobs charged to the same Cost Code." 

The only Cost Code being checked will be the Cost Code on the Items. Cost Codes at the Order Job level are only used for defaulting.