Resolve Failed to open HIP file error when using deliverDocument service in EngageOne 4.4 with template using external files

Product Feature: Web Service (API)



When deploying a template that uses external files (for example publishable active content or keymap) with EngageOne 4.4, the deliverDocument service gives "Failed to open HIP file" error (see below):

Caused by: com.pb.dca.DocumentCompositionException: Console application error message: Production Job failed
at com.pb.dca.doc1gen.ConsoleAppWrapperImpl.waitForResponse( ~[dca-4.4.0.Release.jar:na]
at com.pb.dca.doc1gen.Doc1genServer.waitForResponse( ~[dca-4.4.0.Release.jar:na]
at com.pb.dca.doc1gen.Doc1Process.compose( ~[dca-4.4.0.Release.jar:na]
at com.pb.dca.doc1gen.Doc1ServerDocumentComposer.compose( ~[dca-4.4.0.Release.jar:na]
at com.pb.engageone.composition.composer.OnDemandImmediateChannelComposer.compose( ~[classes/:na]
... 51 common frames omitted
Caused by: com.pb.dca.DocumentCompositionException: Console application error message: Failed to open HIP file '11264'.
at com.pb.dca.doc1gen.ConsoleAppWrapperImpl.waitForResponse( ~[dca-4.4.0.Release.jar:na]



Fast path functionality introduced in V4.4 of EngageOne Server to deliver performance improvement.


UPDATED: May 4, 2017
There is a workaround (disable fast path functionality) in this version of EngageOne Server without the need to upgrade to the fixed version of EngageOne Server ( and later), as follows:

In order to disable fast path functionality you need to do the following:
1. Stop the composition service.
2. Uninstall composition service and composition bundle.
3. Modify file. Find the following property: composition.jvm.settings. Modify its value by adding the following to the end of the value:
After the modification, the whole line should look similarly to this:
composition.jvm.settings=-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512M
4. Install composition bundle, using the modified file.
5. Start composition service (wait a few moments prior to doing this)
6. Call deliverDocument service

Note: making these changes to completely disables fast path functionality, which was created to improve performance, so implementing this change is likely to have a negative impact on performance