Resolve a 'Handshake error' with Spectrum 11.1 which supports TLS 1.2 protocol and requires Java 1.8 for submitting web requests


A "Handshake" error occurs submitting SOAP requests with SOAPUI to Spectrum 11.1 running with secure communications invoked.  Requests submitted with SOAPUI against the original Spectrum 9.3 environment running with secure communications invoked completed without error.  After upgrading the environment to Spectrum 11.1,the requests also completed without error.  Then after making the proper modifications to enable secure communications with the 11.1 upgraded environment, using the same certificates as worked with the 9.3 test, SOAP submitted requests failed with a handshake error.

First it was confirmed that there were no certificate errors encountered when logging into Enterprise Designer and accessing the Management Console URL for the Spectrum 11.1 installation.  Web requests were submitting using a Third Party application, which sends XML requests and they failed as well.  

Technical Support was able to replicate the Handshake error with SOAPUI (version 5.3) when secure communications in place.  


Spectrum 11.1 is packaged with Java 1.8 and uses the TLS 1.2 protocol for exercising security practices.  SOAPUI versions 5.3 and 5.29 are packaged with Java 1.7, and those freeware SOAPUI versions do not recognize the vmoptions overrides to point to a Java 1.8 install.  Additionally, we found the third party application was built with Java 1.6 and supported only the SSLv3 protocol.  

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol was dropped from support by the entity that coded it back in 2015.  The Industry Standard protocol is moving towards the Transport Socket Layer (TLS).  

It was confirmed in another environment that was upgraded to Java 1.8 with a never version of the Third Party application loaded that supports the TLS protocol.  This upgraded version of the third party application was able to successfully complete web requests against Spectrum 11.1 with secure communications invoked.


UPDATED: May 31, 2017

 At this time, there is no known version of SOAPUI (freeware) that is packaged with Java 1.8.  The current 'pay for' version of Ready API uses Java 1.8 and is confirmed to successfully complete SOAP requests against Spectrum 11.1 with secure communications.  The Chrome add-on, Postman, is also able to successfully submit SOAP requests to Spectrum 11.1 running with secure communications.

If you have any further questions, contact Pitney Bowes Technical Support for additional assistance at 800-367-6950.

Environment Details

Products Affected:  Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix

Version: 11.1, 12


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