Resolve "The template could not be imported because it appears to be corrupted" error encountered during Template Import in EngageOne Server - Administration UI

Products Affected: EngageOne Server


An error is consistently thrown in Administration UI (both Legacy and Portal) upon importing a particular Template:

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The Template ZIP file and smaller zip files contained within it, are not corrupted in any ways as they can be opened without any error using file compressor utility for Windows e.g. WinZip, WinRar, 7-zip, etc.


If the Template ZIP file and other smaller zip files contained within it are not corrupted, then the problem potentially originates from an invalid character (likely to be a Unicode Hex character) present in one of the XML files contained within the Template ZIP file.

The XML files contained within the Template ZIP are produced by EngageOne Designer using XML 1.0 standard, which does not support Unicode Hex character.


UPDATED: June 6, 2017
Please execute the following steps in an attempt to resolve the error:

1. Check the Application Server log and do a search for the following error:
Character reference "yyyyy" is an invalid XML character
where yyyyy represents a particular Unicode Hex character
2. Extract the erroneous Template ZIP file into a specified folder (using Windows utility like WinZip, WinRar, etc), followed by extracting all of the smaller zip files found within it.
3. Open all of the XML files found in the folder in question using a text editor like Notepad++, and do a search for the "yyyyy" character as mentioned in the Application Server log. Please note that the search might return more than one hit. In the following example a Unicode Hex character of "&#x1F" is found in template-master.xml file, in particular for defining the name of a Lookup Table object.

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Ensure to take note of all objects in the XML files (Lookup Table, Journal Entry, etc) which contain Unicode character(s) on their names.
4. Launch EngageOne Designer. Use the list gathered in step #3 to find all of the object(s) in corresponding Publication, and delete the invalid characters from their names.
5. Save the Publication and do a "Publish for EngageOne" for the Publication in question.
6. Import the new Template ZIP into EngageOne Server via Administration UI.

If problem persists, contact Client Support.