Customer View takes a long time to open customer data in Portrait Dialogue


In Portrait Dialogue (PD) Customer View (CV) we have seen issues where customers complain about the time it takes to search for customers, or to open a single customer.

An extreme example was that it takes over 10 minutes for CV to return to a functional state after selecting a customer after a search.  

There are no errors reported in the logs.
There are no long running SQLs.
There are no exceptions logged.


When this issue arises the common theme is that there are dozens of data tabs that are configured to be displayed in CV.
This results in hundreds of fields that need to be parsed to be displayed in each tab.  
Additional stress can be put on the CV by marking Data groups searchable.  


UPDATED: April 12, 2017
This issue has always been resolved by managing a combination of two things.
  1. Minimize the number of fields to be displayed.
    • In most cases every single domain field is not required by the agent using CV.  
  2. Minimize the number of fields and data groups marked as searchable.
  • Many fields will never be searched on, and it is very rare to realistically search on a data group.