How to test data changes from month to month of the US Postal database

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Do we provide test addresses to test the US Postal Data from month to month?


Customer is asking if we provide such data.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
We do not supply test data, because eventually we cannot be held to supporting such data.  Even our own QA does not test the content changes of the data from the USPS from month to month. We provide a sample input file that is used with our IVP job but that is to simply test that a batch job will run against a newly installed version.

We do not keep track of changed addresses from month to month as the USPS postal data is quite large. And if there are any changes, the change is dictated by the USPS we cannot add/delete or change content of the database files as we do not have license from the USPS to do so.

The best way to test  the March database would be to compare the output from mar to feb...the expectation is that you will not see a significant change in the percentages.