Finding why a Job is not found when archiving uncommitted Jobs using the Archive Jobs Filter in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®


In Confirm® Client you are trying to archive uncommitted Jobs, however the expected Jobs fail to be retrieved if the Contract Code has been populated on the archiving filter. For example:
1. Set the Job Status of an uncommitted Job to one that is valid for Archiving
2. Enter a Preferred Contract on the Job
3. Make sure that the Job is not on an Order
4. Run the Archive Jobs utility and populate the filter with the Job Number and the Contract on the Job 
5. The Job is not retrieved by the utility

Job archive filter with Contract Code


This is a software defect (CNB-79508) where the Archive filter is using the associated Orders data when filtering on Contract but that is not applicable here as there are no associated Orders.


UPDATED: June 27, 2018
The software defect was fixed in Confirm version 18.00. 

The workaround is to not populate the Contract on the Archive Jobs utility filter.

Job archive filter without Contract Code