Resolve Spectrum Process flow email notifications not being sent


A process flow  fails on the Execute SQL step, shows under history it has failed yet it did not send a failure email.

The email is sent only if the execution is cancelled from history.


The notification doesn't occur until the flow is finished.

It may be that the process is hung on the Execute SQL step and Spectrum is waiting for it to return. Then it will send the notification.

The fact that cancelling the flow does send the notification indicates that the error that is happening is not actually stopping the flow.


UPDATED: October 24, 2017

Look at the activity in question to make sure the exception/error is handled correctly so the flow can finish.

There is also a configuration in the Execute SQL activity where you decide if an exception terminates the process flow. this should be checked.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Enterprise Designer, spectrum v10.1 , v11.1

Operating System: Windows Server 2012

Database: SQL server 2012



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