Resolve unique user visits using the usage statistics within Spectrum Spatial Analyst


Examining the downloaded usage statistics for the N no of  days and noticed there are X no of entries from one IP address.

The assumption is the usage statistics is making an entry based on every single call to the SSA service, rather than unique visits. 

Instead, is there a way of seeing usage statistics on unique visits to the service?

This way, each line in the usage statistics would relate to when a user visits the site and then closes it down, rather than individual SSA calls within their visit.


The assumption is correct.

As of now the the main objective of the usage statistics feature is to provide  powerful insight into the map operations most widely used by the users and map configurations which are maximum utilized along with the number of users and other parameters.

That's why various requests made by users are captured.


UPDATED: October 24, 2017
A product feature request has been raised to address the issue.

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