Resolve ERROR 74611 due to socket failure error [24] in Solaris platform when using EngageOne Vault


Few different potential symptoms originating from the same problem (specific to Solaris platform only):
  • Vault Server (e2serverd) becomes offline
  • Vault Loader (e2loaderd) not functioning as expected
  • Vault Render (e2renderd) stops processing request
A particular error "error [24]" is observed in e2serverd log:
07:47:16 <reset1> ERROR 74611: socket failure connecting to [] , error [24] 

Corresponding error found in e2renderd log:
07:47:16 <connection1> database.list request 
07:47:16 <connection1> socket failure connecting to [] , error [24] 
07:47:16 <connection1> database.list failed, status [70310]


Error [24] in Solaris indicates that the connection attempts are getting "Too many open files" error.

This is the result of a bug present in older versions of EngageOne Vault (version 5.4 and older) where they leak the handle when cache reset can't connect properly.

Without the bug, Vault will continuously attempt to send a cache reset and might cause a warning with code of [146] to be thrown over and over again until connection retry is successful e.g.
02:30:16 <reset1> ERROR 74611: socket failure connecting to [] , error [146] 

With the presence of bug however, error [24] will be thrown eventually and cache reset transmission will no longer be attempted from that point onward.


UPDATED: June 14, 2017

Workaround is to restart all Vault services (Server, Render, Loader, etc). Fix for this defect has been made available as of EngageOne Vault version 6.x so upgrading to any version of 6.X or latest Vault should help.

Environment Details

Products affected: EngageOne Vault 5.4 and older
O/S: Solaris


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