Resolve copy function not working on a selection of > 1 object over a join between seamless tiles - MapXtreme .NET


When copying an object from the background layer, where two map tiles join, the first copy works but after that the copy function no longer works on the background map. If you use the Select tool to select two objects from the background map, on either side of the seamless line, then press the Copy button then this will copy the selected objects onto the foreground layer. To confirm that the objects have been copied use the layer control to switch off visibility on the background layer and then turn visibility on again. 

Now select another object on the background layer and press the Copy button and you'll notice that it won't copy. You can verify this by using the layer control to turn off the background layer and see that the last object selected has not been copied. 

Now delete the polygons you copied (you may have to go into the layer control and turn off editable and then turn it on again before it lets you delete it) and stop the program. Repeat the steps from the previous paragraph but this time select/copy two objects from the same side of the seamless line you will see that the copy has worked.


This is working as designed. When you insert any geometry from a background layer to a foreground layer (through your Copy code) then it will always work. However when you select a foreground geometry and also a background geometry and try to insert, then it will throw an error because you can't change the same layer which you are already reading. 


UPDATED: June 15, 2017

Working as designed

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Products affected: MapInfo® MapXtreme® .NET


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