Resolve "0 rows affected" when running post-install-update.sql following EngageOne Server 3.1.2.x upgrade

Products affected: EngageOne Server (3.1.2.X)


Following an EngageOne Server 3.1.2.x version upgrade, when running the post-install-update.sql script (found in the EngageOne_Install\SQL folder), the user receives a "0 rows affected" message.


The purpose of this script is to set the path to config-settings.xml in the relevant database table.

When EngageOne 3.1.2 database is created from scratch, the CF_PROPERTY table is empty (it has one row with classname/configname but without a config-settings location). When the installer is run, it creates the config-settings file so the database update script can be created with the correct location. Following installation, the script is run to update that table with data obtained during the installation. In later builds of 3.1.2, execution of this script is not needed because the CF_PROPERTY table is already pointing to proper location.



UPDATED: June 29, 2017
This is expected behavior.