Resolve "Too many events were return in the search" in EngageOne Administration opening folder with more than 100 templates

Product Feature: EngageOne Administration Console
Versions affected: all


When attempting to open a folder in EngageOne Administration that contains in excess of 100 templates, on occasion the following error is received:

EngageOne Administration
"Too many events were return in the search.  Please specify a different search criteria"


This is due to known limitation which has been handled in later version of EngageOne.


UPDATED: September 28, 2017
This has been fixed in EngageOne version and EO 4.4.4 so upgrading to these or later should help.
If upgradation is not possible, at the time when the user is able to open the folder, cut\paste the template to a new folder to keep the content manageable.  Alternatively, delete the template from one folder and import into another folder.