' not found' message in EngageOne Server


When running Batch in EngageOne Server, following error message is encountered in Batch log:

ERROR|CachingDeliveryOptionDaoJdbc|[NA Batch Main Thread]|com.pb.engageone.server.batch.exception.DeliveryOptionNotFoundException: Delivery Option: <DeliveryOptionName> not found! Please ensure that the delivery option <DeliveryOptionName> exists in the specified domain and that it contains delivery channels configured for batch mode.

No directory, corresponding to this problem, gets generated in incident-archive gets generated during this.


It may be caused due to more than one entries of the reported domain in the EngageOne Server repository database table 'System_Domain'.
User-added image
As above, there are two entries of Domain in 'System_Domain' table. One is having status 'D' (i.e deleted) and other has status 'C' (i.e active).


UPDATED: May 10, 2019
In such scenario, purge process needs to be executed. After executing the purge process, only active domain (with status 'C') will be present in 'System_Domain' table. Refer Purging in EngageOne Server.