Resolve launch of Tomcat fails on fresh installation for EngageOne Digital Delivery



The installation of EngageOne Digital Delivery is successful without any error. However on trying to launch Tomcat, it does not get launch. Tomcat window appear only appears for fraction of seconds and then terminates.

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There were no logs created under <Install_Dir>/EO_Digital_Delivery\logs or <Install_Dir>/EO_Digital_Delivery\Tomcat\logs.


This could happen due to 64 bit EngageOne Digital Delivery installed however Environment variable JRE_HOME on the Server points to 32 bit Java.


UPDATED: August 22, 2017
If 64 bit EngageOne Digital Delivery, ensure Environment variables JAVA_HOME, JRE_HOME and PATH points to 64 bit java instance.
Refer Installation guide shipped with the installer to know the supported Java version.

In issue remains unresolved, contact Client Support.