EngageOne 3.x: Dynamic 'To Address' is not working as expected when using e-messaging delivery channel

Product Feature: Printing-General Output


The “Email ” field in the EngageOne-produced DIJ file, is shown as blank when an Output Variable is used to define the “To Address” value in the e-messaging delivery channel.

This is even though all correct setups are in place - a sample of setup is illustrated below:
1. e-messaging Delivery Channel setting: 'To Address' is set as an Output Variable named DestinationEmail
User-added image

2. DestinationEmail output variable is resolved as expected in the metrics.xml found under active-drive\tds\delivery directory:
User-added image

3. The DIJ file produced by EngageOne using above delivery channel however, shows "Email" as blank.
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4. In Designer, under Publication view, a “Structured XML Journal” is inserted in the logic tree. This is where the DestinationEmail is set to have the value from the input file (a data field):
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This is a known defect in all versions of EngageOne 3.x where 'To Address' field in e-messaging delivery channel does not work with dynamic values (Output Variable) although it works with a static value.


UPDATED: February 12, 2019
There is not a workaround available for this problem.

Development work for fixing this defect is ongoing.

Please contact Pitney Bowes Software Support team ( quoting CES-35847 should further information regarding the fix be required e.g. the target release of the fix, release date, etc.