Resolve issue where Dashboard colors keep changing in Confirm

Product Feature: Application Infrastructure



Dashboard widgets keeps changing color despite the fact that the User has set fixed attribute values, which have colors assigned, under Attribute Type, Dashboard Attribute. 


The issue is that the attribute values are not getting matched with the output of the series expression of the widgets. This is mentioned in the help file:
Where the color is to be assigned based on a Category Expression (Column and Bar), or a Series Expression (Gauge, Column - Stacked, and Bar - Stacked), the Attribute Type must be 'Pick List' and the Attribute Values must carry the same name as the values resulting from the Expression.
We will explain this with one of the Dashboard Widgets in question:
ABC Depot Commitments
Here the series expression is column “Rag”. Now we checked the Data source “KPI Committment High Level” attached to the scheduled Report “KPI Commitment High Level HWAV” and found out that the possible values of this column is “G”, “A” & “R”.
Now if we check the above comment mentioned in the Help file then we can see that the output of the expression should be matched with the name of the Attribute value not the code. If we look at the Attribute values in the Attribute Type “Dashboard Attribute”, we cannot see any Descriptions which matches with the values “G”, “A” & “R”.
This is the reason why random colors are getting chosen when we are running the widgets as it is not able to identify any attribute values in the Attribute type.


UPDATED: July 18, 2017
If we check the attribute values of the attribute type “Dashboard Attribute” then we can see there are attribute values with the code “G”, “A” & “R”. We just need to make this as a Description as well in order to resolve the issue.