Resolve issue where users can get an error if their CL tries to reclaim 'activation group' QILE in MailStream Plus on IBMi

MailStream Plu™s 8.3.1 and later

Operating System: IBMi (AS400. AS/400, iSeries)


Error running CL that activation group QILE was not found
CL = Command Line (or sometimes 'Control Language') 


Users can use the UPRUNJOB or UPSBMJOB commands to run MailStream™ (MSP) jobs from a CL.  Prior to MSP version 8.3.1, if a user's CL script was running multiple MSP jobs with either command, then it was required that the CL reclaim activation group QILE after each occurrence of UPRUNJOB or UPSBMJOB.

Beginning with the 8.3.1 release, the UPRUNJOB and UPSBMJOB commands reclaim QILE themselves, so user's CLs no longer need to do it.
And if user's CLs *do* try to reclaim QILE after either one, then it will likely cause an error saying that activation group QILE was not found.  (Because it was already reclaimed.)


UPDATED: March 15, 2019
When using MSP 8.3.1 or later, do not reclaim activation Group QILE in a CL.

Note: one user's MSP job ended for this reason, and he was able to just tell the system to ignore the error and continue the CL job.  And the CL completed normally,  So this may be a temporary solution until the CL can be modified to no longer reclaim QILE.