Resolving the error "The call to G1UIVERSVF ended in error" while installing MailStream Plus on IBMi

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™ 
Operating System: iSeries



Installing MailStream Plus™(MSP)  on IBMi the following error happens:
 The call to G1UIVERSVF ended in error (C G D F).         C                                                         
 CEE9901 received by G1UICL at *N. (C D I R)                I                                                         
 The call to *LIBL/G1UICL ended in error (C G D F).         C                                                         
 CPF3707 received by procedure G1UIVERSVF. (C D I R)       
  • The error happens after the command: CALL G1UI *SAVF


We compared the size of the save files in the G1INSTALL library on the user's system:
Opt  Object      Type      Attribute                         Size                                
      G1SV@@HLP   *FILE     SAVF                   65536                   
      G1SV@@PGM   *FILE     SAVF                   24576                - this file size in incorrect   
      G1SVINSTL   *FILE     SAVF                 4612096                   
      G1SVMSHLP   *FILE     SAVF                  442368                   
      G1SVMSPGM   *FILE     SAVF               106590208           
To the correct sizes:
Opt  Object      Type      Attribute                       Size 
      G1SV@@HLP   *FILE     SAVF                   65536 
      G1SV@@PGM   *FILE     SAVF                 7659520 
      G1SVINSTL   *FILE     SAVF                  4612096 
      G1SVMSHLP   *FILE     SAVF                  442368 
      G1SVMSPGM   *FILE     SAVF               106590208          
When they checked what was in the G1SV@@PGM save file, it was empty.


UPDATED: May 16, 2019
The G1SV@@PGM was ftp’d up again to the G1SV@@PGM save file and now the file size matches.
The installation now completes and ends successfully.