Resolve MailStream Plus - Where did the Report variable for Mail.dat User License Code (MDLPPC) move to in MSP 8.2.0?

Environment Details  Product Feature:  GUI

Operating System:  Windows or UNIX

Database:  n/a

Configuration:  GUI

Version:  MailStream Plus 8.2.0


In the MailStream Plus (MSP) 8.1.1 and previous GUI screens, to enter the User License Code, it could be entered under
    Variable Data
        Report data 
        Batch data
        Entry Point  data

It is not there in the MSP 8.2.0 GUI screens.  How do you enter this information?



The location for entering the license has been changed beginning with the MSP 8.2.0 release.



UPDATED: April 21, 2017
Beginning in MSP 8.2.0 software, the subkeyword MDLPPC Mail.dat® User License Code is now only available to be used with the RP INF parameter. (Report Data variable.)
So it was moved to be on the REPORT MAILDAT screen:

REPORTS -> REPORT Selection  
Find the "Mail.dat File and Summary Report" and do a modify (or add "
Mail.dat File and Summary Report" if it is not already in the job).  
Then you will see it on that screen.  It is called "User License Code [    ]"

This is where it is entered now, or modified in existing jobs.