Resolve issue where an Exposed Web Service are not visibile on Spectrum UDDI or Spectrum Client Tools


When trying to reference an exposed Spectrum Web Service, either as a REST or SOAP request, User cannot see the service listed on the UDDI or available as an exposed stage through Management Console or Enterprise Designer.

Exposed SOAP and REST requests are not displaying on Spectrum's UDDI pages, nor are they visible on the Palette within Enterprise Designer as a User Defined stage.


There have been known cases where the Spectrum Server has a dataflow exposed as a web service, but is no longer visible through the UDDI or the Client Tools as an exposed stage.


UPDATED: October 20, 2017

Restarting the Spectrum Server ensure that the SOAP or REST request, if truly exposed, becomes visible through the UDDI and Spectrum Client tools.

Restart the server, if the SOAP and REST services are still not exposed on the UDDI or within Management Console and Enterprise Designer then contact Technical Support.



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