Resolve issues with Sagent Dataflow instance crashing in Solaris Environment


Sagent DFS has crashed



Error Screen shows:-
au11qapadmtels2 $ /opt/sagent/df13/bin/sagent status 
MW-RPC Server is not running 
DFS Manager is not running 
DFS is not running 
REGSS is not running 
Watchdog is not running 


UPDATED: April 26, 2017

No core dumps file have been generated neither in Sagent  nor in mainwin core folder.
All services are not down , so not sure about crash.In crash only DFS service goes down.
No entries in err and start file.
Told customer its a old version, so  will not be able to provide any solution  even if  will able to identify root cause.
To get to root cause , maximum.  logs can be enabled for troubleshooting.Below are the steps:-
Go to the location "<Sagent installed directory>/
<Run:   . ./.sagentrc>
Step 1: Go to the location "<Sagent installed directory>/mw/  "
Step 2: Check for the directory " bin-sunos5_optimized".
Step 3: Go inside this directory.
Step 4: Run command [  Export command: regedit -c -e uRegTemp.reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Sagent\\DataMart    ]
Step 5: Take back up of file exported "uRegTemp.reg"
Step 6: Made below suggested changes to exported file properly.

"Destination"="<<sagent installed directory >>\\Logs\\Sagent_DC.txt"

Step 7: Import file using command [    ./regedit -c uRegTemp.reg ]
Step 8: Restart DFS service

Environment Details

Sagent V6.5.18 Solaris
Customer has 15 instances of Sagent DFS.


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