Working with Postscript (EPS) Paper Stock in EngageOne Vault


Postscript background artwork has been created in a graphic tool (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) and saved/exported it as EPS format, but when it is used as the Paper Stock / Background of a Postscript file ingested to Vault, the Background is nowhere to be seen on Vault render client (desktop or web).


Possible Causes:
A. On Vault version 6.1M0p0087 and later, background mode switch is not properly set
B. With older versions of Vault, it might be that the background artwork file is not compatible for use with Vault


UPDATED: June 2, 2017

A. With Vault version 6.1M0p0087 and later it is suggested that we use the alternate background mode switch in profile level within profiles.ini:


Above setting would include the background file in a wrapper and Vault should be able to consume EPS files from most sources as-is.

B. With older versions of Vault, we need to manually modify the background artwork file to make it compatible with Vault using either:

Corel Draw version 10, with steps outlined below:
1. Launch Corel Draw 10 and export the graphic to EPS format.
2. Select the General tab and make sure that the Include header check box is not selected.
3. Ensure that the following is selected:
• Export text as text
• Include fonts
4. Select the Advanced tab and select Page from the Bounding box section.
5. Accept the remaining defaults and Click OK.
6. Rename the .eps file to a .ps extension using the standard tray naming conventions outlined in the “Set up paper stock” section that follows.

OR manual alteration from text editor:
A similar effect to PSBackgroundMode=2 can be created by editing the background file:
1. Add a save operator the start of the background page (after %%BeginPageSetup):
%%Page: 1 1
2. Add a restore operator to the end of the page (before %%Trailer):
Adobe_AGM_Utils begin
[/EMC pdfmark_5

More suggestions:

1. When using Filemode=1 in profiles.ini, we need to make sure that a blank file exists in the following directories:
server root directory

2. If Ghostscript font scanning was producing an error while scanning the background files, add the following line under the assocaited profile within profiles.ini:

3. If Ghostscript is reporting cropping error against the background file, then please add the following switch under profiles.ini:

Environment Details

Product Family: Vault
Product Feature: Render


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