Spectrum: Unable to see unexpose icon in Enterprise Designer after exposing dataflow


Unable to see unexpose icon in Enterprise Designer after exposing


In Spectrum 9 Enterprise Designer, when a dataflow is exposed (yellow bulb), it will not be possible to unexpose the same and see the (greybulb) icon.
It is difficult to work with the dataflow when they aren't sure if it is exposed or not after exposing it the first time.


UPDATED: April 19, 2017

The yellow bulb means that there is a version of the opened dataflow published. If the version history view is open, there should be a bulb next to one of the versions. If that version is double clicked, that bulb now has a box around it indicating that this version is exposed.

To unexpose a particular dataflow, open the version that is exposed and then click the yellow bulb with the box around it.

When opening a dataflow in Enterprise Designer, the dataflow being edited is always the unexposed version. The dataflows can be modified without affecting the exposed version. 
The exposed dataflow is viewable in the versions pane towards the right of the Enterprise Designer window. If all dataflow versions are desired to be unexposed,open the versions pane and unexpose the exposed version.

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Product Feature: Enterprise Designer



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