Resolve Jobs not Auto Committing when raised by officers using ConfirmConnect

Products affected: Confirm®, ConfirmConnect™
Product feature: Non-routine Maintenance


Jobs are not Auto Committing as expected when Jobs are raised by Officers on-site using ConfirmConnect™. When performing this manually from the Confirm® application they get committed without issue.


The Action Officer's Job value is greater than their Commitment Limit.


UPDATED: November 9, 2017
1. Check the following are up and running:
  • Confirm Client
  • Confirm Agent
  • Confirm Web Service
  • Confirm Task Processor
  • Confirm Connector
2. Obtain the log file of the Job (will be an xml file) and try to load manually from the Connector web service. Loading the xml manually from the web service, you receive the below error:
<Response SchemaVersion="1.4"><Fault><Code><Value>Receiver</Value><SubCode><Value>CONNECTOR_ERR_TRANSFER_WARNING</Value></SubCode></Code><Reason>Transfer warning. Unable to commit Contract A014, Order 101568, Order Job 457676. Job Value of 5.77 is greater than committment limit of 0.00</Reason><Detail><Operation>ProcessOperations</Operation><ErrorNumber>2</ErrorNumber><ObjectName>cb_errorlog</ObjectName><RoutineName>of_throwerror</RoutineName><LineNumber>16</LineNumber><ErrorMessage>Transfer warning. Unable to commit Contract A014, Order 101568, Order Job 457676. Job Value of 5.77 is greater than committment limit of 0.00</ErrorMessage><DatabaseId>Westminister1410</DatabaseId><VersionNumber>V14.10a.AM</VersionNumber><ClientName>Westmister City Council - Live</ClientName><LicenceNumber>CONF08056</LicenceNumber><Date>2014-05-16T16:51:01.7890</Date></Detail></Fault></Response> 

This says that the Action Officer's Job Value of 5.77 is greater than Committment Limit of 0.00.

3. Log into the Confirm Client and navigate to:

Main --> Maintenance Management --> Contract Management Lookups --> User Commit Limit

Look for SCONNECTOR user (there is no Search functionality to search the user so we need to look for the user manually).

4. Having located the SCONNECTOR user, you will find out that Min and Max check boxes are ticked with values supplied.

Uncheck the Minimum and Maximum boxes and try to replicate the issue. The issue should not come and job should be Auto-Commit.

5. Alternatively:
  • a person with the necessary authority can affect what maximum and minimum values are set.
  • the error may be genuine and the user is attempting to Commit beyond the limitation..