Confirm : Problem in importing OD file



In Confirm® you are not able to find new Organisations after importing the most up to date Operational District (OD) file.


The creation date in the OD Batch is prior to the 'last updated date' listed for the Organization(s) in Confirm.


UPDATED: November 16, 2017
The quickest way to resolve the issue is to manually change the created dates for all the Organizations in the OD Batch File to a date after date [last] updated in Confirm. Then then reload the OD Batch File.

For example change all occurrences of


to, for example,

if the date [last] updated in Confirm sits between the two.

Finally, check the naming convention of the filename is correct. OD Batch Files have to be named in the format 'xxxx_OD.xml’ where ‘xxxx’ is the Organisation Number.