Resolve Sagent Automation services issue


Installation error for Sagent Automation services user.


The user isn't able to complete the installation for a couple of issues.
Automation: The user installed Automation Service and Client without entering the keycode. The installation seems to work fine but now they don't know the user name and password to log-in. They tried the same user and password as Sagent, but it does not work. 


UPDATED: November 27, 2017

Check if you have access to your old server, the user can log into the Automation client and check the Options | Users & Licenses menu command to see that Server's Automation licence keys.

As for the login during the Automation install, do not enter any username and password for the Automation services during the install.
It will then install the Automation Services user as the local System account.
The user can change this to another user (the user does need admin rights) at a later stage in the Windows services.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Automation Server


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