Resolve "E_ACCESSDENIED" error when scheduling task from Design Studio


Remove the user from Administrator group of Windows and try to schedule plan execution in Design Studio. The user receives "E_ACCESSDENIED" error.


The user is having a domain account which is not part of Administrators or any other group on the machine and also doesn’t have even read access to C:\Windows folder. It is added to “Deny Logon locally” and “Log on as batch job” local policy to restrict login rights but still be able to schedule task.

The user wants to use this his account as Data Flow service “Log on” account and for scheduling and running plans.


UPDATED: September 11, 2017

Sagent Scheduler is reliant upon Microsoft's Task Scheduler as the underlying engine. Window scheduler creates a file in subfolder of Windows folder for the scheduled task. This requires write permission on the “C:\Window” folder.
The E_ACCESSDENIED return code is returned under the following conditions:
  • The caller does not have write access to the file that represents the scheduled work item.
  • The local account was specified, but the user is neither an administrator on the local computer nor an application running in the local system account.
  • A NULL password was specified, but the user is neither an administrator on the local computer, nor is running in the local system account.
  • The application is running under a different user name than the user named specified in the AccountName.
Supporting Microsoft article is available Here.

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Product Feature: Design Studio



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