Resolve issue with Street Works Transfer Agent - Confirm

Products affected: Confirm


Confirm error message – “InspectionOutcome conversion not implemented for NULL objects”


A Reoccurring error, we are receiving so many email alerts with this error that it is clouding out the alerts about notices that have not been delivered.

Confirm error message – “InspectionOutcome conversion not implemented for NULL objects

Please can you let me know what this error means? So that I can take action so that the other alert emails are not crowed out.

Street Works Transfer Error Transaction: Error caught in MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.InspectionProcessingManager: InspectionOutcome conversion not implemented for NULL objects. Stack Trace: at MapInfo.Confirm.Xml.Eton.EnumConvert.ToInspectionOutcome(String inspectionOutcodeExtRef) at MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.InspectionProcessorHelper.PopulateOutcome(IActualInspection inspection, InspectionNotice inspectionNotice) at MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.InspectionNoticeProcessor.PopulateInspectionCategoryAndOutcome() at MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.InspectionNoticeProcessor.PopulateInspection() at MapInfo.Confirm.Export.StreetWorks.UK.Inspec


UPDATED: July 7, 2017
The reason behind the error message, 'external reference' value is NULL for some specific inspection categories. 
Using the below query, You can find work ref(s) where 'external reference' is not provided for specific outcome. 

SELECT highways.sw_header.works_ref, 
FROM highways.actual_inspection, 
WHERE highways.actual_inspection.work_header_no = 
AND highways.actual_inspection.notice_type_code IS NOT NULL 
AND insp_outcome_code IN (SELECT insp_outcome_code 
FROM highways.inspection_outcome 
WHERE external_reference IS NULL); 

You got some result from the query, picked up one from them. 

For example - In Work ref WP00100500131132300 , there is a routine inspection S74 with Passed outcome. 

In inspection Outcome , there is a flag - 'insp_outcome_flag' , which value is 'F', 'N', 'P'

As per the help file , for "Passed" outcome there should be a value - '1' in Dft1 for 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 inspection categories. 13 is a routine inspection. 

Try to extract a report of inspection outcome from customer DB where 'insp_outcome_flag' is "P" but the 'external reference' value is NULL. 

As a solution, We can suggest customer to put the Dft ref value according to the help file – “Configuring EToN 6 Inspections”.