Could not find file or Unable to copy file error in MapXtreme


While building an MapXtreme 2008 application, "Unable to copy file" or "Could not find file" error pops up.

Unable to copy file "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MapInfo\MapXtreme\6.8.0\AllType.DLL" to "bin\Debug\AllType.DLL". Could not find file 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\MapInfo\MapXtreme\6.8.0\AllType.DLL'.


  • MapXtreme does not run assemblies from the local bin path; it runs assemblies from GAC (Global Assembly Cache). 
  • MapXtreme assemblies reside in the GAC, so any reference to an assembly must point to GAC.


UPDATED: April 3, 2017

To resolve this error, set Copy Local property value to False.

Steps to set Copy Local property to True or False
  1. In Solution Explorer, click the Show All Files button to display the References node.
  2. Open the References node for the project.
  3. Right-click a reference in the References list, and click PropertiesThe properties associated with that reference appear in a list in the Properties window.
  4. Select Copy Local from the left-hand column, and then click the arrow in the right-hand column to change the value to True or False.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Data Access
Product Family: MapXtreme.NET



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