Exponare - cannot save configuration


User is not able to save configuration. When trying to save the configuration in Configuration Manager, user gets an error message - "Column 'Position' does not allow nulls". This issue is typically encountered in new Exponare installations. Error message as follows:
User-added image


The correct "Identity" settings have not been set in IIS Manager for Exponare. This is one of the post-installation steps.



UPDATED: April 20, 2017

Check the application pool settings in IIS Manager with these steps:
1) In IIS Manager, open the Advanced Settings of Exponare (under default website) and note the application pool that is assigned to it.
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2) Then go to the list of application pools and review the “Identity” of the application pool from step 1. The Identity should be set to “NetworkService”.
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3) If Identity is not set to NetworkService, it can be set by right-clicking on application pool entry in list -> Advanced Properties window.


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