Resolve DFS server crash while running a plan containing Oracle SQL*Loader


  1. Create table under Oracle database using SQL query.
  2. Load the data into the above table by Oracle SQL loader using load.ctl.
  3. Create another table that has the same column.
  4. From Design Studio, create the plan that has SQL query transform and SQL*Loader transform.
  5. Execute the the plan.
DFS server crashes with “Connection Reset by Peer” message.


The issue occurs under Oracle12c and Oracle 11R2 database.  The issue is not specific to Database version. Replicable in Oracle 11G and Oracle 12c.
In oracle 11g, need to add DiskSort transform in between SQL Query & SQL* Loader. In oracle 12c, this is replicable without DiskSort transform.

The issue happens only when last two column's datatype is Double.


UPDATED: September 11, 2017

This issue is fixed in v6.8.8 and later versions of Sagent Data Flow.

Environment Details

Product Feature:DFS Server



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