Resolve issue where Portrait Interaction Optimizer prompts are failing during database housekeeping tasks

Products affected: Portrait ES Vertical®, Portrait EDGE 2020®, Portrait Interaction Optimizer®, Portrait Foundation®, Portrait Locate®


Under certain conditions, Portrait Interaction Optimizer® prompts are failing to complete correctly and this coincides with a specific time of the day.


Initially check whether the time of these failures coincides with periods of high database activity such as the built-in (or implementation-specific) overnight database housekeeping jobs.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
The underlying Portrait Foundation database scripts that should be set up to run overnight have been designed to minimise transactional interference, but it is still recommended that to reduce database contention (which can lead to blocking or lock escalations), these housekeeping jobs should be scheduled to run at a point in time when the operational database activity is at a minimum. You should also consider staggering the jobs so that they do not all run at the same time within this low operational usage window.