Red tick/exclamation mark in the EngageOne Admin for delivery options/templates which makes them unusable

Product Feature: EngageOne Admin Console


Please see image below, the delivery option has a green tick but sometimes the user will see a red tick (instead of green) which will make delivery options unusable in certain templates:

User-added image


There are a couple of reason why this might occur.

If the templates are created from multiple DOC1 repositories, then it is likely tol introduce conflicts in the resources, this manifests itself as red warning sysbol telling you that you have "missing" resources for that delivery option.

If some of the templates were created with a number of supported devices, then all the resources for those devices will be included in the template zip file created by Designer.  If a new template is created, and this uses a device that is not used by any other template, then the other devices will show missing resources.


UPDATED: February 15, 2019
To resolve this you can go two ways.

1. Ignore and create new delivery channels/options for the specific template.
2. Snapshot the template in DOC1 and import into the master repository (from where all the other templates were published) and republish from there.

Afterwards, you may need to delete the devices that came with the template from the secondary repository.

The presence of these warnings are nothing to be alarmed about if the template being deployed is not using the devices where warning are present.  If there is a requirement to use these other devices, the template will need to be republished with the other devices added.