Error "failed to register this client with resource server" while installing fonts in EngageOne Content Author

Product Affected: EngageOne Content Author
Product Feature: Resource Access Service


While trying to install a font in the Content Author Admin console, the user receives the following error:  "Failed to register this client with Resource Server".

User-added image


This could occur because of insufficient privilege (not running as administrator) or reset of privilege associated with 'ResourceServer' database or the 'ResourceServerUser' login that is created with 'ResourceServer' database


UPDATED: November 9, 2018
Follow these steps to resolve the issue:
1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio and log into SQL Server hosting CA 'ResourceServer' DB.
2. Drill down to Instance>Databases>ResourceServer>Security>Users.
3. Delete the 'ResourceServerUser' user.
4. Drill down to Instance>Security>Logins.
5. Delete the 'ResourceServerUser' login.
6. Right-click the server instance and restart the server.
7. Open the CCM (Content Author Configuration Manager) Configuration Tool.
8. On each page, click the Apply button. This will recreate the 'ResourceServerUser' login in SQL.
9. Go back to the SQL Server Management Studio.
10. Drill down to Instance>Security>Logins.
11. Right-click 'ResourceServerUser' and select Properties.
12. Make sure the Enforce Password Policy is unchecked.
13. Select OK. Close the SQL Server Management Studio.
14. Open the CCM Content Author Admin Tool (as administrator if the user attempting this does not have admin rights) and import font. The import should be successful.