How to resolve Enquiries that can be found via DataMiner but cannot be found by Enquiry or Fast Entry Issue lookup in Confirm

Product Feature: Customer Services


For example their are two Enquiries that he can find via DataMiner but can’t find by Enquiry or Fast Entry Issue lookup. 

Both Enquiries have the same service and subject code

Select either from DataMiner gets no records found If search for that combination in Enquiry Subject Lookups, get no records found 

Just enter the subject and TAB, I get this error



The issue is due to the "Enquiry Subject" being marked as dead in the DB.


UPDATED: August 23, 2017
While trying to find a Enquiry from the Fast Entry Enquiries it first validate the Enquiry subject is Dead or not. If it marked as dead it willl not show any result
Untick the dead checkbox for the Enquiry Subject and this will resolve the issue.