Resolve issue where User does not know how to enter different language formatting for Interactive field in EngageOne


The customer is questioning how to correctly enter formatting for different languages in an EngageOne Interactive field.


The documentation determined that the formatting is based on the locale and is by design.


UPDATED: November 1, 2017

EngageOne Interactive Users Guide:
The acceptable date formats will depend on the locale of your browser (the same would apply to a number data type).

The acceptable data format for interactive data depends on the Windows operating system locale.  Formatted data displays based on the document locale. For example. if your operating system locale is German and your document locale is English, you can enter "10,2" as a valid decimal number and EngageOne Interactive displays the value as "10.2".  If the same document is opened on a system where the operating system locale is English, you can enter "10.2" as a valid decimal number and EngageOne Interactive displays the value as "10.2".