MailStream Plus giving Destination Flats Sequencing System (DFSS) rates

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms



Why is MailStream Plus™ giving the Destination Flats Sequencing System (DFSS) rates?


ML TYP S F - Standard Flat mailing
ALG PL P - Palletize by bundle

Why is the MailStream Plus job giving DFSS rates to some pieces?
There are CRRT pieces getting this rate on the 3600 statement –

F18    DFSS   Basic Facility

On the ENT PT there is no option to request the FSS destination discount like there is in position 60 for the Sectional Center Facility (SCF) destination discount.

Flats Sequencing System (FSS) is always attempted because of current postal rules.


UPDATED: May 14, 2019
Information about the job in question:
The entry point zip is 30301 and there is a Y in position 60 asking for the SCF destination discount.

The mail pieces are on an FSS Scheme pallet to FSS 30252
According to L006 the zip ranges are  –
30252 - 30253 is FSS McDonough GA 30252     FSS ATLANTA GA 303
According to L005 the zip ranges are  –
301-303, 311, 399    SCF ATLANTA GA 303
So the FSS 303 and SCF 303 are the same GA 303 location.
When the SCF and DFSS are co-located then MailStream Plus will apply the DFSS rate to the FSS pallets and the SCF rate to the other pallets.
(In the example above the labeling List information is from 2014.  Mailers can verify the current USPS Labeling List information at-
then select 'Resources'.

On the USPS RIBBS site , this document has great FSS information –

This question and answer is on page 4 of 6 :
Q: There are redirections for DSCF flats at some FSS sites. Where should I drop my FSS
scheme containers?
A: FSS scheme containers may be dropped at either the DSCF or DFSS site and receive
the DSCF discount; however, only FSS scheme pallets dropped at the DFSS site will
receive the DFSS incentive (Standard and Periodicals). For about 50% of the FSS zones
the DSCF and DFSS are the same location. If the scheme pallet is dropped at the DSCF
which is not co-located with the DFSS site, the redirection must be followed.

The FSS_FAQs.pdf document is also attached.