Resolve poor print quality or no print on the DM50/DM55 and DM60


Print quality issues have occurred, such as faded, fuzzy, partial print, failed to print, smudged/smeared ink.


Several factors can contribute to deterioration in print quality:
  • Lack of use: When the meter is idle for a long span, dried ink from previous printings can clog the nozzles in the print head.
  • Overuse: Overuse accelerates wear and tear on the mechanical parts of the printer assembly, which can affect alignment and other printer functions.
  • Ink issues: Low ink, an empty ink cartridge, or the wrong type of ink. Low ink or no ink in the print cartridge can impair print quality and cause other problems with the meter.


UPDATED: 28 September 2017

Running a purge on the meter can clear the print nozzles and improve print quality. See How to run a print test on the DM50/DM55 and DM60.

If a "Low Ink" or "Ink Out" message is displayed:
  • If the meter displays the message "Low Ink", you can continue to print, but the ink supply is almost gone and the ink cartridge will need to be replaced soon.
  • If the meter displays the message "Ink Out", the ink supply is completely gone and the meter will not be able to print until the cartridge is replaced. Install a new genuine Pitney Bowes ink cartridge immediately.
  • To order a genuine Pitney Bowes replacement ink cartridge:

If a genuine Pitney Bowes ink cartridge is installed that is not empty, and print quality does not improve after performing troubleshooting steps, contact Technical Support. Please have your Meter type ("PCN") and Serial Number ("Meter #") ready, these can be located on a white sticker at the back of the meter.

Environment Details

Products affected:
DM50/DM55 (K721, K724)
DM60 (K722)


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