Resolve Sagent incorrect unique key generated


Sagent generates an incorrect unique key.


A unique key must be generated from 
Schichtnummer + Verkaufsnummer, and namely in the form: 
todouble( Schichtnummer ) * 10000000 + ( Verkaufsnummer) 

This gives the Wrong result: 53100000000850002000,00 
The correct result would be: 53100000000850002035 


UPDATED: April 18, 2017

The Sagent plan contains the following inputs:

Schichtnummer : 05310000000085 : 13 digits, if we ignore first zero 

Operation : 05310000000085 * 10000000 : 13 + 7 = 20 digits 

Per Mapping of number available in SagentReadme.html, maximum digits for double can be 15 digits. 

The recommendation is to make use of the ToDecimal function with Decimal Math ON, whenever large precision is involved. 

Please refer the attached plan and sample data. This takes the same input and yields correct output. The suggestion is to incorporate 
these changes into the plans and the output will be correct. 

Further reading on the matter: "Decimal Math Calculations" section in Transform guide to get insight into decimal calculation of Sagent.

Environment Details

Product Feature: DataFlow Server

Operating System: Windows 2008


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