Resolve Dead assets remaining on map layer display in Confirm

Product Feature: Mapping Issue



A feature that is marked as dead within Confirm is still showing on the map layer. How do you configure the map layer to automatically switch it off from the display?


Date filtering has not been applied to the relevant registered map layer in the Map Workspace Manager, and is possible that both the Start and End date fields are not present in the relevant map layer.


UPDATED: November 21, 2017
This function is provided by the 'date filtering' options from the properties of the registered map layer. This is accessed from the Map Workspace Manager. On the 'date filtering' tab you must specify BOTH the start and end dates for the functionality to work correctly.

The registered map layer also has to contain start and end date attribute fields, as described in the Confirm Map Layer Specifications in the Confirm Help file.

If the date fields do not exist then they need to be added to the layer and populated with the relevant values.