Resolve Stage 4 create map layer utility of the Confirm NSG import is not available


When attempting to complete the NSG import within Confirm, the 'Stage 4 - Create Map Layer' utility is not selectable for use. 


Module 0425 is not active in the database registration screen.

Also the mapping engine may not be set to 'Map'


UPDATED: April 21, 2017

Make sure Module 0425 is active in the database registration screen for the required license.

Also you need your current map engine to be set to "Map". If this is not the case you must check that the user with the issue  has the "Can Change Mapping Engine" User Security option enabled. Now you can right click on the Map tool on the Feature or Site screen and select the "Map" option. If not then you should open the Local Settings screen and enter "Map" into the "CurrentEngine" setting within the "Mapping" section.

If you then left click on the Map tool on the Feature or Site screen, this will verify it is opening the Map window then they should then see that Stage 4 is enabled as well.

Environment Details

Product affected: Confirm


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