Visual Dialogue seems to have disappearing selections

Product Feature: Visual Dialog


This issue applies to all versions of Visual Dialogue.
There is an opportunity for the Select Selections dialog to look as if there are no files available to select. There are several similar ways to demonstrate the issue. The following is one of the simplest:
  • In Visual Dialogue, Open the Select Operation Properties dialog, choose the Branch type as 'Select using selection' and then hit the ... ellipsis button below.
  • Make the Select Selection dialog much larger and then hit the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar area so that the Preview pane appears.
  • Use your mouse with the slider to make the preview window much larger (slide it most of the way across to the left):
Enlarged Select Selection dialog with preview pane
  • Hit the Cancel button.
  • Back in the Select Operation Properties dialog, now change the Branch type to be 'Select on response' and then hit the ... ellipsis button below.
  • You now see a blank area on the left of this Select Questionnaire dialog and there are no folders available to select. Like the image below, you may see the text "(no preview available)":
Second instance of the Select Selection dialog
This can be very confusing for users - until they understand what has happened...


The reason that the file area of the second Select dialog appears empty is because this dialog has retained the width setting for the Preview pane from the previous instance of the dialog which we enlarged the first time round. The overall size of the dialog is not retained, as this is a different type of Select dialog ('Select on response' rather than 'Select using selection').


UPDATED: April 3, 2017
The resolution is very simple.
Any user who experiences this issue just needs to click on the magnifying glass icon to deselect the Preview pane. This will remove the Preview pane so that all the usual files can be seen correctly. The following image highlights the Preview pane toolbar button which has now been deselected - and all files are available as expected.
Select Selection dialog after the Preview pane has been deselected
If the user reselects the Preview pane by clicking the magnifying glass icon again, it will be created with sensible dimensions that do not cause the issue.
The recommendation from the Product Support team is to always try to deselect the Preview pane before exiting the dialog. Observing this recommendation will mean that the user will never encounter this issue.
This user interface issue will be addressed in a future release of the product.