Resolve issue where EngageOne SearchTemplates method is not returning all published Templates

Products Affected: EngageOne Server
Product Feature: Utilities
Operating System: Windows
Configuration: JBoss
Version: GA-


SearchTemplates Method-Not returning ALL published Templates.  It does returns a list of a few published templates.  Templates which are not returned by this method are visible and accessible in EngageOne Admin and as well as EngageOne Interactive. 


The search template function is by page and the default page size is 10.  Only one page will returned by one search call. 


UPDATED: May 29, 2019

The page size and page number can be specified as follows.
SearchTemplates searchTemplates = new SearchTemplates();
PaginationControls pn = new PaginationControls();

pn.pageNumber = 1; // 
pn.pageSize = 20;


A pagination parameter is included in the response.
The totalPages parameter can be checked to see how many pages there are.

PaginationControls pnResponse = response.pagination;
//check the totalPages
if (pnResponse.totalPages > 1)

{ // }

Please refer to EngageOne_3.0_ProgrammersReferenceGuide (Generation 2).pdf -> Appendix B – EngageOne Web Services -> searchTemplates()