Resolve Confirm mapping error "Unable to to load map layer file(s) on Map Workspace"

Products Affected: Confirm®, Confirm® OnDemand
Product Feature: Mapping


When opening the map from within Confirm®, users encounter the 'Unable to to load map layer file(s) on Map Workspace' error which also includes the location of the map file encountering the issue.


This error can be caused by several reasons as to why the mapping file(s)/path to the mapping file(s) cannot be accessed, the main three being:
  1. The map file(s) listed in the error message has/have been moved.
  2. The layer file has become corrupted.
  3. With Confirm OnDemand clients the user's drive mappings (those seen within Confirm's File Explorer) may have dropped and  the system cannot therefore locate the map file(s).


UPDATED: April 21, 2017
Resolution to scenario 1: The map file(s) listed in the error message has/have been moved.

If the layer file(s) has/have been moved from the location stated in the error message either move the layer file back to the original location or add the layer again from the new map location.

Resolution to scenario 2: The layer file has become corrupted.

If the map layer has become corrupted recreate it and store it in the original location.

Resolution to scenario 3: OnDemand drive mapping issue.

In Confirm OnDemand check to see if the P and/or Q and/or S drives are mapped within Confirm's File Explorer. If they are not present then look with the user groups (these are shown on the left, further down the tree, in the Confirm Explorer). Expand them, look for and then click on the Drive Mapping tool. A message will then appear saying that the drives were successfully mapped. If you still have not succeeded in mapping the drives then raise a new case with the Confirm Technical Support team.