How to resolve Low Battery messages on the mailstation and mailstation2


The meter displays a warning message: Low Battery or Battery Urgent


The internal battery is close to end of life.


UPDATED : April 08, 2016

The meter battery needs to be replaced. You must request battery replacement service to ensure uninterrupted functionality. Start the replacement process online by creating a case for technical support. NOTE: The battery in your meter enables your settings and other information to be saved. If your battery is allowed to expire, you may lose this information as you must have your meter replaced.

If your meter uses software version 8.3.03 or below, the Battery Low message can display prematurely. It is possible to resolve this message by updating your software. To avoid a battery issue and other maintenance prompts, always update your software when the meter displays: New Software Available-Update? or New Feature Available-Update?

If the battery warning message still displays after you update your meter software, your need a replacement (free of charge). Sign in and create a case to make this request. Learn more about how to create a case for technical support.

Environment Details

Products affected: mailstation™, mailstation2™


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