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Not receiving email alerts from Confirm



UPDATED: November 24, 2017
For issues regarding not receiving Email Alerts, please review the following list:

Scheduled Tasks

Ensure the Alerts and Notification Agent is configured and running for sending Email Alerts for Notices, Comments, Inspections, Offences, and Fixed Penalty Notices.

Alert Types

Ensure the Alert Types are correctly configured to trigger the Alert and send it to the correct destination. The filter options against the Alert Type, such as EToN Version, Follow up, Notice Type etc. should be checked as they determine whether an Alert will be triggered. For further information on these filter options please see the 'Street Works Alert Type' and 'Offence and Fixed Penalty Notice Alert Type' Lookups.

Street Works Alert Types

Offence and Fixed Penalty Notices Alert Types


Ensure the Action Officer or User specified in the 'Notify' field on the Alert Type has a valid Email address.

Message Preference

The User who is set as the recipient for the Alert Type must have the 'Message Preference' field set to Email or Both. This field can be checked on the User Security Lookup.

User Security 

Street Work Comment Alerts

Street Work Alert Types with an Entity Type of 'Comment' refer to the Comment Type Lookup. Only Comment Types with the 'Alert Flag' checked will generate Email Alerts. If a Comment Type has the Alert Flag unchecked then no Alerts will be triggered for that Comment Type.

Comment Type

Creating New Alert Types

Creating new Alert Types can potentially trigger large numbers of Email Alerts to be generated for existing records in the Database. Please contact PBS Support for assistance in preventing this from occurring.