e2Vault - High Availability


For a system that uses frequent ingestion,



UPDATED: September 26, 2017

For a system that uses frequent ingestion, It is strongly recommending using the (services-built) e2BatcherD – as a method to combine similar files together into the Vault to improve compression, reduce resource duplication, reduce the total number of files, and more. 
Finally, It is  strongly recommending that the customer run a 64-bit version of Windows. While Vault is only 32-bit internally, the 32-bit versions of Windows are known to have severe limitations when dealing with many open files and/or many open network connections. And this problem is made worse by having large amount of memory loaded in the server, despite the fact that it is an “out of kernel memory” problem that would seemingly be solved by adding MORE memory. Please note that this is the root cause for the total discontinuation of 32-bit Windows Server, as of Windows 2008 R2. Vault is seriously affected by this Windows flaw, and an O/S upgrade can significantly help. 



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