Resolve issue on the calculation of Reasonable period in Confirm

Product Feature: Street Works

Operating System: Windows

Database: SQL Server, Oracle


The Reasonable period calculation is not understandable on one of the notice. A three day minor has been issued with estimated start date as 22/12/2014 and estimated end date 24/12/2014 but the reasonable period is showing as 06/01/2015 taking into consideration the validity period surely it should be 29/12/2014?


The issue came when we raised Revised Duration Estimate notice over the Notice.


UPDATED: April 21, 2017

Reasonable period is determined by the below condition: 

The Reasonable Period date is derived from the Actual Start Date, and takes into account a period that is at least the number of working days specified in the 'Min. Reasonable Period' field on the Street Works System Settings. Overrun charging will start after the Reasonable Period has elapsed. The Reasonable Period date will be the greater of: 

The Estimated Start Date plus the number of working days specified in the 'Min. Reasonable Period' (the Estimated Start Date is included in the calculation if it is a working day), 


The Estimated End Date of the Works. 

Here in this notice, when the 3 day Initial Notice was raised then the Reasonable period was calculated according to the customer understanding i.e. 29/12/14. Also the same date would be displayed in the Reasonable Period column of the notice. 

Now when Revised Duration Estimate Notice was raised then Reasonable Period date was recalculated and it became 06/01/2015 because Estimated End date was changed to 06/01/2015. Now if we see the notice, we will see the Reasonable period as 06/01/2015. 

This will get updated everywhere, even in the previous notice as well. In this case, it was updated in 3 Days Initial Notice as well and this is the reason why it is showing 06/01/2015 in the Reasonable period column for 3 Days Initial Notice.