CONFIRM: Problems when trying to search on Designations on the Street Work Report

Product Feature: Ad-hoc Reporting

Operating System: Windows, Citrix

Database: SQL Server, Oracle


Problems when trying to search on Designations on the Street Work Report

Issues in getting the data that is expected when using the Street Works report in Confirm. Using the specific Permit, restricting the search to those, that were In Progress in December. When running this search, a single line of output is produced as expected.

User-added image

However trying to refine this search more, if we add in the designation of “S58 Restriction In Force” to the search, then there are no results.  If we check the site designation, then we can see that the designation in question is relevant to this street. This restriction is also on the notice itself under the Coordination tab. This issue is occurring for all utility works but not for our own works.

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The cause of the issue was that the Designation was not actually selected while creating the Notice.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017
The reason why no records are coming up when "Section 58 Restriction In Force" in Coordination Tab is selected in the filter of the Street Work Report is as below:

If we look at the notice, we can see that the Designation "Section 58 Restriction In Force" is not selected while creating the notice. This is the reason why it is not appearing in the Designations Box in Works Tab. 

In Street Works Report, it looks for only those Designations which are there in Designation Box in Works tab of the Notice. 

Designations in the Co-ordination tab is not considered in the Street Work Report.